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Empowering industries through virtual experience is always our DNA

Clairvo is the virtual/ hybrid event software platform powered by SyZyGy.

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No one has expected the pandemic to happen at the fresh beginning of 2020, including us. To survive and even thrive during such a turbulent period of time, SyZyGy has decided to launch an innovative tech solution to help the industry continuing the business operation. MICE industry is always one of our target sectors and therefore we have decided to start a new project to solve our valuable customers’ urgent business needs. Clairvo – a virtual/ hybrid event software platform was born in such context.

The vision of Clairvo is not just providing a temporary solution to COVID-19 but also seizing this golden opportunity to digitally transform the MICE industry. We are also involved in cultivating the 5G ecosystem in the Greater China region.

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We are an internationalized team with cross-border operational capability

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Caring about innovation and social impact equally

We actively apply ESG to our management since we would like to be a socially responsible tech startup.



Our solution is designed to allow MICE industry to go paperless by offering a digital platform for attendees to download digital copies instantly. By introducing digital agenda, organizers can also distribute much fewer official promotional materials. Our goal is to reduce the printing materials required by in-person events and eventually alleviate the paper pollution and deforestation issues.


Internally we promote diversity in workforce by hiring talents speaking different languages and coming from different cultural backgrounds. Measures that can ensure the health and safety of employees during COVID-19 are also taken including periodic work-from-home arrangements. Externally we provide a virtual event platform that can connect people globally and enable them continuing their business operation during this unprecedented time



As a cross-border tech startup in the Greater Bay Area, we always act in accordance with the local laws and regulations that can be applied to our legal entities. Our principle is always upholding long-term interest towards the company. We put great emphasis on developing and maintaining an ethical branding respected by the communities starting from Day 0.

We are the digital transformation pioneer in the whole MICE industry